Experience the comfort of being confident in your skin with the help of our Oatmeal Milk + Honey Vegan Bar Soap. This “triple-action” trio, created for dry and sensitive skin, helps to ensure your skin feels rejuvenated, hydrated, and moisturized. Plus, with its natural scent, every use is a soothing sensory delight.

Ground oats in the soap gently exfoliate, promoting skin regeneration for a soft and rejuvenated feel. Coconut milk adds to the luxuriousness, providing moisture and a rich lather that maintains the skin's softness. The inclusion of raw honey offers a healthy dose of antioxidants, aiding in achieving a radiant complexion. Shea butter, known for its deep nourishing properties, ensures your skin stays hydrated and glowing.

Our Oatmeal Milk + Honey Vegan Bar Soap is more than just a cleansing bar; it's a comforting embrace for your skin, leaving you with the confidence and comfort that comes from healthy, well-cared-for skin.

FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: Made with olive oil, organic coconut oil, coconut milk, Shea butter, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, castor oil, ground oats, and raw honey

Net content: 4.5 oz (128 g) 
Total package weight: 4.9 oz (139 g)

all-natural  vegan cruelty-free

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