Hi there. I'm Shauna and this is my son, Bryce. I am the creator and he's the inspiration behind Wicks & Scents. Our company began not as a hobby but from a desire to solve a common problem for cautious parents and eco-conscious consumers. The problem: the availability of home fragrance and personal care products that are non-toxic, earth-friendly, socially responsible and made with healthier alternatives and natural ingredients. Although the solution seems quite simple, it took a few years of research, planning and testing before the desired results were achieved. Through trial and error, we now have products for daily consumption in our home that are safe, reliable and enjoyable. They not only smell good but they make us feel good, and we wish to create the same experience for you.   


I am a mother of one who is not perfect but strives to be the best possible me. Although life can be serious, I don't have to be serious every minute of the day. I love to stop and smell the roses, laugh and dance, and share youthful moments with my son.  


My educational background and professional career evolve around the biological sciences and public health. Both have afforded me experiences, practices and worldviews that I have incorporated into my brand. This includes creating products that are cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly and contributes to the greater good of social issues. 





I am inspired by people who see their dreams through despite hardship, the time it takes to get there or other adversity. There's a lot to be learned and admired from what motivates and drives people. I am inspired by my son who provides unconditional love and helps me to see the world through his lens. He is the apple of my eye and the reason I am able to push through in tough times with determination and tenacity I could once only ever imagine. I am inspired by nature and its beauty which has become a muse in the design and creation of our products. Its colors, fragrances and therapeutic benefits offer endless ideas and possibilities to explore, conceptualize and create. I am inspired by my family and friends who have believed in me since day one. Their support and wisdom have been tremendous and often serves as a source of fuel in my navigation through these entrepreneurial waters. I am inspired by my customers whose input and response to our products have been golden. A monetary value can never be placed on the feedback you have given. Lastly, I am inspired by you. You could have selected another brand but you are here instead and for that I am grateful. As Wicks & Scents continues to grow, it is my hope and desire that our relationship with you grows with it. 




I aspire for my brand to be known for its great product development and exemplary customer service. It is my desire to create opportunities to involve customers in the creation, introduction and experience sharing of products. I want to hear from you about how you are using these products and your reception of them. I believe involving you and others at this level helps builds trust, strengthens relationships and creates a strong community-base within the brand. Lastly, I aspire for a culture within my brand that is modern, fun, purpose- and values-driven. To me, my brand is more than the company's name and the products we offer. It is the embodiment our company. Yet, we do not own it. Our customers do.