Each room in your home has its own vibe in which the design and aesthetics tell a story. But what if the story had its own score? One comprised of melodic-scented notes effortlessly playing in the background. Cue our trio collection:

  • Citrus Spice (2 oz)
  • Lavender (2 oz)
  • Litsea Basil (2 oz)

    Relish in the possibilities of continuous and interchangeable enjoyment with our all natural room + linen sprays. Our trio collection comes with a stamped muslin bag perfect for gifting or when you are on the go so that you can bring a piece of home wherever you travel.

    grain alcohol, distilled water, witch hazel, and essential oils


    Number of spritzes per bottle: 300+
    Weight of contents per bottle: 2 oz
    Weight of contents + bottle each: 4.2 oz 

    Suggested use: rooms, linens, bedding, draperies, closets, drawers, car interiors, and luggage

    Our all natural room + linen sprays have a classic minimalist design. Each comes packaged in an amber glass bottle, stylish nozzle, and copper embellished label.

     **All orders that include an all natural room + body spray will ship via UPS ground transportation.**

    We are a small business working with a limited crew. Please allow 3-5 business days for order fulfillment. Your tracking number will become active once it's scanned by the carrier.